RYA First Aid and HSE Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid Training

Price is £125 per person.

Maximum 12 delegates but we aim for six, 09:00 to 17:00. Course First Aid Book Provided.

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The one day course is suitable for anyone requiring the formal RYA First Aid qualification such as RYA Instructors. It also meets HSE requirements for any boating related business and for skippers seeking the MCA Boatmasters Licence.

First Aid SessionAccidents and illness can happen at any time. This may be on your own boat or you could be required to render assistance to another boater in trouble. One of the joys of Inland Waterways is their isolation, but when a medical emergency occurs this can be an additional handicap! Time is critical when trying to save someone's life and the administration of basic First Aid can be crucial in keeping the patient safe until professional help arrives.

The course will teach you how to deal with most common situations such as shock, near drowning, hypothermia, fractures, choking, bleeding, head injuries, burns, heat exposure and hypothermia.Person Giving CPR to Dummy

Another major element will be to look at cardiac arrest and practical training will include resuscitation techniques using a resuscitation dummy.

Automatic External Defibrillator, (AED), training is included on every course.

Whilst we can’t turn you into a doctor or nurse in the one day we will make sure that you know how to administer First Aid so that you will be more confident about your ability to cope in an emergency situation.