RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance

Diesel Engine

Price is £140 per person for the one-day RYA course.

Maximum 12 delegates but we aim for six, 09:00 to 17:00. RYA Course Book Provided.

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Person working on engineOne-Day: The RYA Diesel Engine Course is a one-day course and was developed by the RYA in response to demand to take the mystery out of the marine diesel engine and to improve reliability by carrying out timely maintenance. The course is carried out using dry engines in the training centre.

Tasks on the engine include going through the processes of daily engine checks, fuel filter replacement and bleeding, engine oil and filter change, gearbox oil change, drive belt adjustment, coolant check, valve clearance adjustment and battery charging checks.

Training RoomThe RYA course is meant for offshore as well as inland users but we tailor the course specifically to the requirements of the delegates and is suitable for owners of any vessel with an inboard diesel engine. We link the training to the delegate's specific engine type so one of the requirements is for you to bring your own engine manual with you.

The course is delivered in our comfortable training centre using modern training techniques and equipment. It is a "hands on" course and we have lots of equipment to become familiar with. You will also experience actual adjustment and replacement of various components.Hands On Diesel Engine

Along with a table full of components, we use a four cylinder engine typical of a narrowboat diesel engine and a two cylinder engine which is very popular in sea going vessels.Battery Testing

There is no requirement for any prior knowledge of engines but even the more experienced will learn valuable techniques. By the end of the day you will know all about the major engine components, how they work and how to keep them in good condition to ensure trouble free operation.

Doing just one oil change yourself could save you the cost of the training. Even if you never lift a spanner you will know what to ask your engineer and know what is involved in routine maintenance. You will also have the ability to deal with emergencies.Diesel Engine Handbook

Here are just some of the practical things you will experience, (subject to available time), during the day:

  • Change a fuel filter.
  • Check for water contamination in a fuel tank.
  • Change a water pump impeller.
  • Check anti-freeze.
  • Check and adjust alternator drive belt.
  • Check a battery and use jump leads.
  • Change engine oil and filter process (note all equipment used is dry).

Plus handle many components that make up the engine systems.

New for 2019....

When the numbers and weather allows, some practical elements elements of the course, such as fuel system bleeding, are carried out on our fully operational engine in the mobile training trailer.

The engine is a four cylinder, keel cooled diesel engine. All the elements of a marine based installation are there to see including electrics, cooling system and fuel supply.

The trailer isn't very big and we rely on weather conditions allowing us to open every door so some can stand inside and the rest have a good view of what is going on.