VHF SRC Marine Radio

VHF Radio Tuition

Price is £120 per person.

Plus £60 payable to the RYA for the test and licence.

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The rules for VHF training changed in January 2014.

From then on, the training must be 10 hours in duration and you have to sit an examination by an independent SRC assessor, i.e. not the Instructor who delivers the training.

There are two ways to achieve this, Classroom Training or On-Line Interactive Training and both can be organised through Willow Wren Training. Your choice will depend on how you prefer to learn new skills. If you are a practical person who prefers the company and support of a professional instructor and the other delegates then choose the classroom course. If however you are computer confident and like to learn in a private environment then the on-line version will be more suitable.VHF Radio

Classroom Training: At the training centre we use modern presentation equipment and practical hand-on instruction. We meet the minimum 10 hours tuition criteria by sending you a learning pack so you can carry out three hour's self learning before the course. That leaves seven hours of tuition on the day which we fit in between 9.00am and 4.30pm allowing 30 minutes for lunch. We also restrict the training to just six delegates with one radio per person to maximise the learning time. Our 100% success rate speaks for itself!

We then bring in an independent assessor at 4.30pm to carry out the examination which normally takes about an hour per person but please allow three hours to be sure of success and to allow for six delegates. It is a long day but it saves more travelling, an overnight stay and the knowledge is still fresh in your mind.

Classroom training uses six of the latest Icom M323 radios connected to a central hub so everyone can talk to everyone else enabling realistic radio conversations and scenarios. Some schools use computer based radios but we prefer the real thing and so do the authorities.

Handheld RadioWe also have a pair of Standard Horizon handheld DSC/GPS radios on hand because hand portable radios are often the preferred radio of choice for Inland Waterways boaters. You are welcome to have a look at these during breaks but we keep to the simpler Icom radios for the training.

During the day you will work through a set syllabus and have lots of practice using VHF radios to enable you to use the radio with complete confidence.


On-line Interactive: When you book with us we will give you a User Name, Password and web address to go to our on-line facility to take the training. Since the interactive site is effectively "one to one" it will take less than the stipulated 10 hours, (most people will take 6 hours). You will still have to come to our approved training centre for the examination which we normally carry out at 5.00pm on the same day of a classroom course. Examinations on other dates and times are by arrangement. Click for more information about Interactive Training.

RYA Licence Fee. The fee payable to the RYA is £60. This covers the Examination Fee and Licence Fee. Please note that the examination fee, (£30), is not refundable if you are not successful although we are allowed to offer you a partial resit free of charge. To save time and inconvenience, we normally take the licence fee at the time of booking and pay it to the RYA on your behalf. If you prefer, we can take a cheque payable to the RYA on the day of the examination.

VHF HandbookCourse Pack: No matter which type of course you decide to take, we will mail you a course pack which will include the RYA VHF Radio Handbook, (G31), Phonetic Alphabet study sheet, and Distress Message card for practise.

The rules are still the same, you MUST have a VHF licence to be allowed to operate a Marine VHF radio.